KS-354 Moist Heating Pad 4" * 14"

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The technology of PHYSIOTHERMO Moist Heating Pad automatically draws moisture from humidity in he air and retains it in the outer flannel cover. The rapid heat rise that occurs when the moist hot pad is turned on forces the moisture out of the flannel and onto the user's skin, speeding temporary relief to the treated area.

The PHYSIOTHERMO is much easier to use than other regular electical heating pad on the market due to its unique computerized digital hand control. The computerized digital controller allows you to set the emperature (between 20oC ~ 80oC) and the time (up to 20 hours) of the treatment.

Distinguishing Features
Far Infrared coating on the surface.
Dry/Moist functions, 2 in 1
Back light for easier using at the night.
Safety design:
a. When the sensor detects over 85oC, it will automatically shout down.
b. When it plugged, not in function more than three minutes. Alarmed!!!
c. When only one minute left, "BEEP" for three times. (To let you know time is almost up)
d. Time is up. "BEEP" for one time and automatically turn it off.
e. When the failure sensor or short circuit occurs, it will stop heating and ALARMED!!!
f. Auto keypad locked.
Intense and mosit heat for faster relief
No water needed - produces its own moisture
Temporarily relieves arthritic and rheumatic pain
Relieves pain caused by muscle spasms
LCD Digital switch

Computerized Digital Controller

P roduce moisture automatically without adding water. Special flannel cover retains moisture for deep tissue therapy.
Moist heat is especially useful in treating back pain.
Use your PHYSIOTHERMO at the first sign of uscle spasm or joint pain.
Temporarily relieves arthritis pain.
Relieves pain caused by muscle spasms.
Delivers deep, temporary relief from the aches and pains of an active lifestyle.