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1. The Pumping Effect processes of bending or squeezing one side of the vertebra while working on the circular like motion brings the toxic waste out of the stimulated nerves whiile the other side gets relaxed and absorbs the fluid that contains nutrients.

2. This is the most gentle exercise that helps to balance the Automatic Nervous System.

3. After doing the exercise, you will feel that
    A. Breath Calmly and Smoothly.
    B. Blood Pressure Value would go down.
    C. Heart Beating Rate would go to calmly situation.

The Spinal Energiser is a quality-assured product
MP Certificate
The Spinal Energiser is protected by the following patents:
3078805 in Japan,
Nr. 20021882.4 in Germany,
#09/750078 in USA,
#89222476A01 in Taiwan,
#00265728.7 in China.......and etc

Facial Chair With Chi

Back pain relief
Total relaxation

Enhance metabolism