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Auto-Search Massage Chair

M.S.R.P. US$5995-


Inversion Stretch Massage Chair
Model TS 5000

Invert yourself to relieve back pain and stress, using customized smooth and deep shiatsu massage.

The whole chair rotates in different angles to elongate the spine
thus, helping increase the space between the vertebrae while relieving the pressure on disc ligaments and nerve roots.
Nowadays, Inversion Therapy is widely used by Therapists, Doctors and the likes to help patients treat their back pain and lessen the pressure because of you body's inclination towards the downward force of gravity.

Major Features :
4 wheels kneading/Tapping/Rolling massage functions.
Combined Kneading-tapping-rolling massage at the same time.
Automatic Up/Down kneading
4 health care massage programs
6 Auto massage programs
3-width & 6-speed adjustment
Heat for backrest
Automatic back and leg rest reclining
Ultra quiet design
Rhythm seat
Inversion stretch function with rotation movement