KS-138 Microcomputer Therapeutic Apparatus

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T.E.N.S Microcomputer Therapeutic Apparatus

This apparatus combines together the manipulation of traditional Chinese medical massage; modern breasts massage technique, fitness for slim and skin beautifying, etc. with modern technology under control of microcomputer. According to your personal demand, the therapy and health-care can be carried out.

Tapping I, Tapping II

Through the Tapping I and Tapping II, it can remove the pains and soreness, or any part of body wherever you are feeling uncomfortable, to ease off tiredness and stress. These two performances are the same efficiency, different in intensity according to your personal demand.


It is using traditional kneading to process with meridians and acupuncture points. This treatment can regulate the nerve system and the function of internal organs for good circulation of blood and lymph, pain relief, prevention of muscle tightness and atrophy.

With the manipulation of rolling on meridians and acupuncture points, the blood circulation of human body can be promoted easily to reach a balance of Yin and Yang (positive and negative) for good health.

Vibrating is useful for skin beautifying and fitness for slim. It is used for fat parts of abdomen, buttocks, and etc. to consume the surplus fats for firm and healthy muscle. Through the face vibrating massage, it promotes the blood circulation and expands the blood vessel of skin pores to get a beautiful face skin.

Special Features
1. Easy to Use--- Single Button Selection
2. Convenient for carrying---Pocket sized and light weight
3. Suitable for Multiple points treatments --- Two channels of output
4. Wide Application
5. Safe to use

The instructions of using the adhesive pads
Wipe the skin area you like to be attaching with Adhesive Pads, clean with wet towel.
Open the storage bag, take out the Adhesive Pads.
Connect the Adhesive Pads with electrode wires.
Tear off the Adhesive Pads with the paper. Check and make sure the Adhesive Pads are moist; otherwise please replace with new one.
Attach the adhesive pads to skin.
Connect the electrode wires with the KS-138 Sports Massager output.

If the Adhesive Pads are losing the stickiness, please replace with a new one.
Please turn the Power OFF and disconnect the electrode wires with the output, when not using this unit.
Take off the Adhesive Pads from skin after using, put back the Adhesive Pads into storage bags. Please store in refrigerator or cool and dark area.

Battery: DC 4.5V(UM-3 AAx3)
Frequency: 2~200Hz
Output Current: max 30mA
Timer: 20 min, Fixed
Intensity level: 0~8
Functions: Tapping I / Tapping II / Kneading / Rolling / Vibrating / Auto-cycling
Size: 120mm x 52mm x 18.2mm
Weight: 56.8g (w/o batteries)
CE, FDA approved


Single output: one electrode code with 2 Adhesive Pads.
Dual output: two electrode codes with 4 Adhesive Pads.

On/ Up
Eight different levels of Intensity
Display the B, D, E selections
Off/ Down
Six selections of mode