Inversion Therapy


AT-8200 Inversion Therapy

Super Deluxe Massage Chair


M.S.R.P. US$6995-
#0826 BLACK #0763 BURGUNDY #0711 BUTTER
#0795 IVORY #0719 DARK BROWN #0704 TAUPE
The best therapeutic and most comfortable recliner with 8 therapeutic recline positions and functions:
1. Zero-gravity
2. V-stretch
3. Inversion
4. Lumbar Stretch
5. Bed
6. Rocking / yoga
7. Legs recliner
8. Back recliner


  • Unique Therapeutic Functions: 
    Inversion Therapy Massage 
    Lumbar Decompression Massage Program 
    Far Infra-red Heat 3 levels of heat
    Eleven (11) Preset Therapeutic Programs 6-38 minutes
    62 Different Functions 8 Reclining Functions
    Rocking / Yoga Program (Combination of Massage & Tai-Chi)
    Optical Scanning Technology “Custom massage”
    Reflex ology / Foot Massage Function
    Therapeutic Functions for CPT Coding (Thermal & Decompression Therapy)
    One-click Technology for Medical Spas & Chiropractic Centers
    Full Range of Massage Functions from Head to Sacral Area Kneading Tapping Shiatsu Swedish Combination
    Seat & Hand Vibration Massage Ultra-quiet Design